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like i said, JUMP JUMP JUMP! and at the end do some levitation.

Yeah, you summed it up pretty accurately lol


Particularmente adorei o jogo, achei uma ideia bem inovadora, os elementos gráficos estão muito bem feitos os desafios a partir dos níveis que o jogador vai passando são bem pensados, deixando com que o jogador fique na espectativa de passar cada vez mais as fases, parabéns aos desenvolvedores!

Thank you!


This game is very fun and addictive good job keep it up

Thanks :)


It's a fun game but I would like to be able to move the character with the stick on a controller not only the d-pad.

We will add that function in the update :)


Good game. But I just could not get past level 20. Probably need someone to help me.

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Thank you for the gameplay video! The bat has 6 HP and you have to jump-melee him while he is on cooldown.


I cannot play the game on MAC OS


Please Fix this problem

Can you please explain a little bit more?

Whenever I try to play the game, it simply just quits unexpectedly without any explanations

Do you have a 32 or 64 bit operating system?

I am on a Macbook

Not windows

Okay, we will investigate the issue end report as soon as possible.


Macbooks have 32&64bit versions.

The more modern ones are 64bit only but the older ones have 32bit.


Cool! I could totally identify, I have the exact same haircut! /.-) 


what game engine did you use to make this awesome game

It was made in Construct 2

oh cool thanks amigo

No problemos :)

Can you fix the problem of the roulade please because when I play in multiplayer and I use the keyboard I do not use the roulade 1 time after I have to wait about 5 seconds to reuse it while if I use the joystick I can use it to infinity without waiting.

Our intention in multiplayer was to limit the roll (every 3 seconds) because in our testing we found out that it was over powered. The infinity roll on a joystick is our mistake and it will be fixed in the update. We will also reduce the roll cooldown time to 1.5 seconds


Please fix the jump

By reducing the jump height?

Detalhes increasing

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Can you translate this game into French please(i speak french)if not this game is great.

Hello! We will soon be working on translations of the game.


the game is great but one thing that makes it almost impossible to play is the jumping. please fix this

Thanks, we will investigate that


sorry, but the wall-jumping is way too inconsistent for this 'game' to be considered playable.

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Can you explain us your thought more in detail?

to put it simple, the timing window for wall jumping seems to be all over the place, often causing the player to miss what should have been an easy jump. (normal jumping, on the other hand, seems to have a decently stable timing in sync with the timing for left/right movement)

We will keep that in mind. Thanks for feedback.